26 feb. 2011

Scandinavian Obi (Kimono-belt)

Just amazing! I got pictures from Rapis in Tokyo. Finally she has succeeded to make the hand-made OBI (kimono-belt  ca 400cm x 30cm) by the Scandinavian vintage fabric. This beautiful yellow rose’s fabric comes from Re-DiZaIn. Rapis told me that now she has been re-making her  second OBI with the such a cool and modern design`s fabric named “Tsunami “from Marimekko. Oh... I can`t wait to see her pictures! I always ask her to send the it with the FULL BODY, but she does not… lol I know she is shy…. But don’t you want to see her whole Kimono style? Yes! Yes! Yes!

We have many kind of knot ways for the OBI. This   This way on the photo is called " Taiko-knot"and is most common knot.  Here is the You-TUBE - how do we knot "Taiko-Knot" !

25 feb. 2011

The packing!

Is there someone who had been to the Antique fair in Stockholm last weekend?
In these weeks, I had some visitors, Japanese buyers from Japan . Some of them visited me before the fair, other of them visited me after the fair and we looked for the antique shops and loppis. I had a good time with them as usual!! And now…. I just have been doing the PACKING and the PACKING items every day for them. lol

After the Lehman Shock in 2008, even though Scandinavian antique goods were popular in Japan, but Japanese buyer from Japan did not visit to Sweden anymore like they used to visit a couple times for a year. Yes, that’s right….It was the economy problem… That made me to ONT MINA FINANSIELLA oj oj oj…. lol But it seems the economy is getting better now?!?!?!  My recode to send the parcel to Japan is 9-boxes for the one shop at once. I wonder I will have a new record this time?!?!  

 Have a nice weekend!!

14 feb. 2011

Happy Valentine´s Day!

Happy Valentine´s day!! 
Here is the simple Origami to make the sweet Heart!

turn over
Finished !!  Origami Heart ☆♪。・:*:・゚★

13 feb. 2011


  I had a shop & gallery that I really wanted to visit when I went back to Japan next time. The name of the shop is “ Kokeshka “ which means  (Kokeshi + Matryoshka) ÷2“ a-ha!

Inside of the shop was full of the kokeshi and Matryoshka between the classic , the traditional and the modern one. It was so fun to look at them!

My boy was extremely fascinated by the Spaceman-kokeshi. lol

9 feb. 2011

Rabbit year -2011


I am sure all of you have been starting a wonderful new year 2011!!
I have been back to Japan for a while…. Actually I needed to be back and stay in there, because of my Pappa´s health problem. But fortunately he is getting better now!
This is strange…. When we go to Japan, the flight time for 11 hours between Copenhagen to Tokyo/Narita makes me to feel more longer than the real flight time, but when we go back to Sweden, it makes me feel always much faster and shorter than the flight time.

Did you know that this year 2011 is the “Rabbit year “on the traditional Chinese calendrical system which is called Sexagenary cycle?  This sexagenary system counts years using a 60-year cycle based on 12 animals such as Rat, Ox/Buffalo, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chkicken, Dog and Boar. So Next year will be “ Dragon year “ and next next year will be my year (I was borned 1965) “ Snake year “

I wish all of you to have wonderful new year!!

The traditional Japanese new year`s foods called "OSECHI " .


           Made by a friend of mine,  Takako.



25 dec. 2010

God Jul !!

May you all have a merry christmas and a healthy happy new year !!
Love, Mimi oxoxoxox

6 dec. 2010

Pick up parcels!

Ohh… Cold cold cold !! Svinkallt!  My body, my muscle especially my bag is getting so harder and harder,  So my son and I went to swimming pool yesterday to MOVE THE MUSCLE and took a mist-sauna. Oh… That made me to feel much better and I can start the new week with refreshed condition!

Today I picked up two parcels from schenker which I bud on the Tradera. I am satisfied both of them.  The bag with the small cosmetic bag is just for me, and the retro fabric with flower motive sized 90cm x440cm will be gone to a friend of mine, Kimono designer Rapis in Tokyo. So exciting that she will re-make to OBI (kimono-belt)with it!

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