26 feb. 2011

Scandinavian Obi (Kimono-belt)

Just amazing! I got pictures from Rapis in Tokyo. Finally she has succeeded to make the hand-made OBI (kimono-belt  ca 400cm x 30cm) by the Scandinavian vintage fabric. This beautiful yellow rose’s fabric comes from Re-DiZaIn. Rapis told me that now she has been re-making her  second OBI with the such a cool and modern design`s fabric named “Tsunami “from Marimekko. Oh... I can`t wait to see her pictures! I always ask her to send the it with the FULL BODY, but she does not… lol I know she is shy…. But don’t you want to see her whole Kimono style? Yes! Yes! Yes!

We have many kind of knot ways for the OBI. This   This way on the photo is called " Taiko-knot"and is most common knot.  Here is the You-TUBE - how do we knot "Taiko-Knot" !

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jaaa, jag vill se hela Kimono-style! Det verkar väldigt invecklat att knyta en sådan knut...


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